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Surfski Race in Spain, 2nd May 2009


 There will be a really HOT European Surfski Race in Alicante, Spain, on the 2nd of May,  the European Challenge 2009

There is 8000 Euros in prize money, and there is also paddling equipment worth another 3000 Euros to the 1st European paddler to finish!

The Aussies and the SA guys who paddled at Dubai have already shown a lot of interest in participating, and the organizers hope to have confirmation from ”the big guys” this week already.

Jonathan Neil says that they aim to have as large a contingent of European nations represented in the race, and they are in contact with the top paddlers from France, Germany, Spain and portugal. And they really would like to get representation from Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia as well as from the eastern Europe.

There will be a Singles Race ad a Doubles Race for sure as they will have representation from so many different countries.

Skis are being supplied by Fenn and people will be able to book their surfskis on line. Skis can only be booked once inscription for the race has been handed in.

The race inscription is 30 Euros. This includes t-shirt and lunch after the race.

The organizers also hope that will be there to do a live coverage of the race. That would be great for boosting the sport in all of Europe.

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  1. Precis vad som behövs just nu för att hålla motivationen uppe i vintermörkret. Låter kul med Spanien i Maj. Jag skulle gärna vara med ett gäng som åker ditt för att leka i vågorna och avsluta med ett race. Om det är någon mer som är intresserad så kan vi ha kontakt genom Peters fantastiska bloggsida.



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