Skrivet av: Peter | december 12, 2008

Surfski spring camp in Spain

Let´s go paddling at La Vila Joiosa outside Alicane this spring! Sea-kayaking in surfskis along the shores of Costa Blanca is often overlooked.
It offers great paddling and it is possible to paddle all year round without having to dress up like a polar bear.

We paddle with Jonathan Neill who has led expeditions throughout the world. He is also last years Spanish sea-kayak champion!

If you dare, end the week participating in the European Challenge on may 2nd, Europes biggest surfski race, a 25 km ocean race either in a single ski or a double ski.

Airline tickets are cheap, check out the sites of Norwegian or RyanAir.

When it comes to accomodation, you can either stay at ”Hort De Gloria”, a guest farmhouse situated near the traditional village of Sella. Surrounded by mountains and set amongst the orchids, this is the ideal place for an active, or very relaxed holiday.
The accommodation is twin-sharing en-suite with full board. Or we can rent a couple of apartments close to the beach.

Surfskis can be rented from the local club in La Vila Joiosa. The skis are from Fenn and they have a couple of Mako6, Elite and XT.

Jonathan says that Dawid Mocke will be running clinics during the week. This is a great opportunity for all of us to learn how to surf like a pro. (35 Euros/day)

Expensive? Not really. One week in the sun (Airline tickets, transfers, accomodation, all the food needed and ski rent) approx. 4500 – 5000 SEK.

Contact me if you are interested:


  1. I joined with Ola and Jonas to the ”trial camp” held in Alicante last month. I had great fun paddling together with experienced guys, now I am going to buy a surfski for next summer. Maybe I will join to the camp again.


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