Skrivet av: Peter | januari 3, 2009

What to expect from 2009…

Here we go again. It is January once again and it feels like days/weeks/months are flying by at turbo speed. What ever happened with October, November and December? It is almost weird when the sun rises at nine in the morning and then five or six hours later disappears again…  A good friend of mine always says  to me ”look forward Peter”, and that is what I am practising right now, to look forward, because I simply love everything about summer and I don’t  really like anything about our winter.

The weather here in Stockholm is very much like it should be this time of the year with some newly fallen snow and an average temperature of 5-7 degrees below zero (Celsius).

Hey, what am I doing in Sweden?

So what do I expect from 2009? This is what I want to achieve;

  • I want to learn real downwind surfing, I want to feel in control at all times when I am on my ski.
  • I want to travel, to go paddling in southern Europe with other surfski maniacs (e.g. Spain in April/May)
  • I want to be able to practice at least 5 days a week , to improve technically and stay away from injurys
  • I want to have extremely fun while doing all of the things above
  • I want to find the perfect wing paddle (Epic?…?)

samWhat do you want to achieve?


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