Skrivet av: Peter | januari 4, 2009


Just read about Paul Rosenquist’s unfortunate Christmas adventure in Holland on 

He was out on the ocean catching waves on his own, and suddenly the ski made a weird dip and he ended up swimming in the cold water. And then it happened… he dislocated his shoulder… 12 km from shore. Ouch!

You have to read his story…

Be careful out there!


  1. Hey Peter,

    that’s to bad that you didd fall of! I’m Dutch but I don’t life at the shore, I do paddle a surf ski to but usually a spec for lifesaving competitions. I still paddle my craft but I will never go out alone!

    Good thing though that you got out and I hoped you explained the guys from the KNRM what it was, the normal summer lifeguards in The Hague are familiar with surf lifesaving and surf ski’s. They would have knoe what you where doing.

    Keep on training and maybe we’l meet on the water someday.



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