Skrivet av: Peter | januari 22, 2009

Update – European Challenge 2009


Race Update

New entries January 23;

  • Jeremy Cotter, the current leader of the World Surf Ski Series
  • Hank McGregor
  • Barry Lewin

There are around 65 paddlers inscribed. Organizer Jonathan Neill is busy speaking with quite a few of the international paddlers from both Fenn and Epic, and they are expecting about 180-200 paddlers in total for the race.

The prize pool for the open division is now 10 000 Euros and the organizers will shortly be adding a second day of racing (May 3rd). This will be a 25 km down wind race  – in teams. Teams can be made up from any four paddlers, (might be by country, province, city, club, boat manufacturer, friends etc.).

The over all winners will be decided on total time and not positions.

Watersports World and Sport Unlimited will be doing a half hour TV program on the race and Spanish live TV is also coming.



Jonathan Neill powers down after coming home second in the Spanish Championships.


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