Skrivet av: Peter | mars 9, 2009

Dean Gardiner – How much are you training right now?

I often wonder how much and what they actually train, the surfski giants of the World.
I asked Dean Gardiner, 11 times World Molokai Surf Ski Champion, and this is his ”standard week”.

I train a group of paddlers through my training group. We go for about 1hour 15 minutes.

A big group of us meet at either 4.30am or 5.15am to do a session. We generally cover about 15ks. Sessions include aerobic efforts and speed type efforts. The group is made up of good paddlers so the intensity is there.

I sleep but do a fitness session with Tim Jacobs on Wednesday nights.

Same as Tuesday

Same as Monday

This is the biggest session of the week . We cover between 20-30ks and mostly hard. We do out and back efforts to allow the slower paddlers to stay in contact and make as much of the session as possible downwind. All the good paddlers from the area do this session and we get groups of up to 50 doing it.

Depends on family and other commitments. Sometimes I may run, swim or surf during the day.


ipaddle is Australia’s leading paddling school.

Dean Gardiner have over 20 years combined experience across numerous paddling disciplines.


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