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Nordic Kayaks NEW Fusion surfski


Press Release 2009-03-17

– We are excited to announce that we now have an agreement in place with Marström Composite about producing our new Fusion surfski! It will be something extraordinary for the kayak market, giving consumers access to a technology that has only been available in some very exclusive production areas before.

Fredrik Lindström Nordic Kayaks

Marström Composite is the world leader in production of multihulls and carbon spars using prepreg carbon and autoclave technology. This is a material and production technique that often is used in high tech engineering like formula 1 cars, extreme sailing boats and aeroplanes. What is new in terms of kayak production?

  • Fusion will only be made in prepreg carbon. The estimated weight for 6.20 long Fusion will be 8- 9 kg.
  • Fusion will be made in one piece without any joints. The result of this is that Fusion will be even stronger and lighter.
  • Fusion will come in two options – surfski or hybrid kayak. Fusion will be made as a standard ski with an open cockpit but with the possibility to mount a ”hardtop” over the seating, transforming it to a cockpit protected hybrid kayak.


  • Design Björn Thomasson
  • Manufacturer Marström Composite
  • Length 620 cm. Width 43 cm
  • Weight 8-9 kg
  • Material prepreg carbon
  • Hydrodynamic ocean rudder
  • New pedal steering
  • Closable self bailer
  • Closed self bailer gives a flat hull that reduces the drag
  • Light hutch behind cockpit
  • Hardtop alternative
  • Hydrodynamic kick up rudder as an option

Price approximately 30 000 SEK (2 900 Euro) for a standard ski

 The kayak will reach the market in August 2009 or earlier.

Contact Nordic kayaks for test session and more information.

Web pages nordic Kayaks , Marström Composite , Thomasson Design



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