Skrivet av: Peter | mars 17, 2009

The NEW Zedtech Surfskis



Zedtech has finally lauched their new long distance surfski, the Zedtech Dominator. This new racing surfski  is said to be incredibly fast while maintaining comfortable stability.

Zedtech Dominator specifications
Lenght: 653 cm
Widht: 43,5 cm

 The Zedtech Dominator XL is a much more comfortable surfski for beginners to intermediate paddlers, particularly for those learning proficiency in rough water and waves.

Price range from 1650Euro – 2850 Euro.


 If you live in Scandinavia, contact  Magnus Siverbrant at Paddelkraft for more information.  Or contact Zedtech Kayaks for dealers in the rest of the World.


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