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The No1 Surfski Competition in Sweden




Seamasters 2009 & The Swedish Surfski Championships

Seamasters will take place on the 4:th of July in Arkösund (on the Swedish east coast, in the Baltic Sea) and is a 25 km long Ocean race open for Surfski, Outrigger and Sea kayak paddlers. The race is held for the third time and is the first surfski race in northern Europe, now drawing paddlers from the Nordic countries as well as Europe and South Africa.

The race starts in the small village of Arkösund and competitors paddle outside the archipelago in ocean conditions to finish at Femöre Huvud (”Fifty Cent Head”) a former top secret cold war fortress outside Oxelösund.

Seamasters is one of several races in the Swedish Sea Racing Series, including Öja Runt and SADE – Swedish Archipelago Downwind Experience. Surfski paddling and Ocean racing is growing fast in Sweden and attracts some of the worlds best and strongest paddlers.

Spectators will have a spectacular view of the race from the high cliffs at the Femöre Fortress. Coffe and drinks will be served in the lighthouse. When waiting to see the competitors, spectators can experience a former Top Secret Cold War Coastal Artillery Fortress including a ”nuke-safe” bunker.


Surfskis – Women and Men´s classes
Sea Kayaks – Women and Men´s classes K1 and K2
Outrigger Canoes – Women and Men´s classes K1 and K2
Swedish Sea Racing Series – Women and Men´s classes 


First man, women or crew crossing the old mine line outside Oxelösund is the Seamaster! Competitors must help any fellow paddler in distress.

Swedish Sea Racing Series

Women and Mens classes. First over finish line will get 20 points, second 19 point etc. All competitors will have at least 1 point. Points from all three races will be added and a total winner will be summarized after the last race. Points will be given to all paddlers in K1, K2 and even OC6 canoes. Paddling a K2 will give 3.5% time penalty. Both paddlers will be in the result list as single individuals. This means all competitors can compete in the same class. Mixed crews are of course welcomed!

For further information

Erik Wildenstam +46 70 941 75 07
Erik Wallgren +46 11 10 45 40


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