Skrivet av: Peter | april 6, 2009

Nordic Kayaks ”Fusion” Surfski



Nordic Kayaks new prepreg carbon surfski, the ”Fusion” is expected to weigh 8-9 kg. The ski is built in one piece with a very strong hull that is really stiff and can withstand high point loads. The Fusion even comes with a ”hard-top” option – an enclosed cockpit!

Nordic Kayaks expect the Fusion to be available in or before August 2009. The ski will cost in the region of 30,000 SEK (Euro 2,900).

A first, short paddle with the Fusion (prototype)

I immediately felt very comfortable in the boat. No need for a seat pad as the bottom of the bucket  is shaped different than in Epic and Fenn. A more ”lean forward K1 position”. Very nice. Anyone who suffers a raw coccyx when ski paddling will love the Fusion.


The weather is cold and there are some tiny tiny bumps on the water. No rough waves, no downwind. So what can I say… I really enjoyed the Fusion in flat conditions.  I wonder how it runs in choppy conditions?


I can’t tell if the ski is faster or slower than my Fenn Mako6 due to the cold weather conditions, but the boat kept a straight course at all speeds.


The Fusion feels more stable than my Mako6 and it becomes significantly more stable as it tips to one side. That is nice…



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