Skrivet av: Peter | april 19, 2009

Swedens first surfski training camp

Swedens first surfski training camp gathered 31 enthusiastic paddlers this weekend…


We spent a lot of time in our surfskis during the weekend, chasing waves and nice downwind rides, and we were able to test paddle the latest and fastest skis from Epic, Fenn, Think and Zedtech. We even got to try the Swedish prototype ski from Nordic Kayaks, The Fusion!

Christian Dietz from Bootshaus (general agent for Think kayaks), and Erik Wallgren from Nomado Kayaks (general agent for Epic Kayaks) ”sponsored” the camp with the fastest surfskis available on the market.

Conny Edholm, former World Champion in sprint kayaking ,visited us on Saturday and held an inspiring work shop on proper paddling technique.

I want to THANK YOU ALL for a fantastic weekend! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Parts of the gang… (click on the pictures to see bigger images)


Martin Nordstrand with Zedtech Molos XL
Martin Nordstrand with his Zedtech Dominator

Paul Rosenquist test paddling  The Fusion (prototype) from Nordic Kayaks

Almost sunset

Jennie Blixt – Think Evo…

A bunch of nice skis.

Looking at the sea map… Interesting…

 peter6 ola11









Peter Ekström – Camp Organizer           Ola Ström in action

Oxelösund 18 april 2009.

Elin Hedström, surf life saver from Södertälje.

Sometimes shit happens….. C’est la vie….

”I actually meant to do that…”  
”It’s so nice in the water…”

Peter Ekström – Fenn Mako6

Johan Skärskog – Fenn Elite








Johan Hasselmark                          Daniel Hansson, Erik Wallgren, Emil Dalqvist

Johan Hasselmark with his camouflage Epic V10.


  1. Tack för helgen!
    Guldstjärna för initiativ, väder och organisation.

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  3. Superb jobb Peter!

    Thanks for putting this together! Was laying on my sofa yesterday afternoon and had some wonderfull images left in my mind! Seeing Tommy’s ski in front of me, having 6km’s of open water and a nice tailwind….sun in the face… aah, it was great!

    See you in the water in town soon!

    – Paul

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  5. Tack för ett toppen-event! Lasse W

  6. Well done mate! Thanks Peter (& Tommy, Fager & OKK), the weekend on Femöre was super! The spring camp was, without doubts, the best thing that’s ever happened to ”Surfski Sweden”.

    Ses, tills dess håll er flytande :-)!


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