Skrivet av: Peter | maj 7, 2009

EuroChallenge 2009

EuroChallenge 2009 – my personal thoughts


I just got back home from a lovely week in southern Spain, and what can I say…

First of all – THANK YOU Jonathan & Vio Neil for a great race,  THANK YOU for bringing surfski racing to Europe for real. To plan, organize and carry out an event like EuroChallenge must have been very tough and stressful, you did a awesome job and I think the race was a success! So THANK YOU!


Meeting fantastic people

I had a great time just walking around talking to paddlers from all over the World. To finally meet guys like Jonathan, Dawid, Benoît, Yaka, Matt and everybody else was fantastic, to see Michele in action (even if she was sick), to talk to Mr Surfski himself – Rob… And what did they all have in common? Everybody looked so relaxed, all smiling, having a great time. That was great!

The ski issue…

There were some disorder when it came to the ”rental ski issue” and ”my boat” was suddenly gone, somebody else had taken it, but Vio and Jonathan fixed that in minutes. I wonder how many skis they had in stock… must have been at least 50… Amazing.

Talking about skis… What a fantastic surfski Benoît Le Roux had. As a ”small” paddler he had difficulties finding a suitable ski and finally he made his own, the O´krea, a 8 kg slim carbon beauty…

And it was nice to finally see the Epic V12, and the Zedtech Dominator…



The weather conditions

I can’t blame the organizers for the lack of wind and waves. But I had a lot of problems at the end of the race, starting after passing the island, where I ran out of power and suddenly found the chop to be very tough. Ha ha… No great rides for me, just pure pain… 


The race

You better read Rob’s articles. As usual, great coverage from




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