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Honcho Sweden

More information about Honcho Surf Skis in Sweden

During the last few days I have been in contact with Leif Davidsson several times. Leif is the sole owner of Aterra, and he sent me this detailed information about the Honcho Surfski line up.

The skis are designed and built in Cape Town, Soth Africa. A ”Honcho” is a boss, a chief, a leader or a person in charge. The word is also used to describe an important or influential person or a big shot…

 Honcho Xtreme

The most intense Honcho yet. Flatter rocker line for boat speed. Cut-away cockpit for a closer catch – equals a deeper stronger stroke. Faceted rear deck for strength with lightness. 90 degree transom for faster water release – equals reduced drag. Surprisingly stable.

honcho xtremeLength 634 cm. Width 43 cm. Weight 17 kg. Price: SEK 20 490.

Honcho Oceans Pro

An efficient all-round craft for the competitive paddler. It’s designed for punching through surf, catching runs and producing flat water speed – but it’s equally adept in huge downwind conditions.

oceans pro

 Length: 647 cm. Width: 43 cm. Weight: 17 kg. Price: SEK 20 490.

 Honcho Rookie

An competitive or recreational ski for novices, intermediate- and advanced paddlers. Offering stability, comfort and speed, the Rookie is based on the Honcho Oceans Pro but is more forgiving due to an extra 30 mm in width and slightly more pronounced nose rocker.

honcho rookie

Length: 647 cm. Width: 47 cm. Weight: 18 kg. Price: SEK 19 890.


The latest addition to the Honcho line-up… The Honcho Guevara has exceptional stability, and suits paddlers from beginner through to elitist in weight ranges from 45 kg through to 95 kg. The Guevara is also very manageable for the ladies.

guevarraLength 580 cm. Width 48 cm. Weight 15 kg. Price: SEK 19 890.


This boat is aimed at the novice surf ski paddler, No previous experience is required, just get on and go. Stable is what the Guru is all about. The Guru is also very competitive, with a flatter rocker line and reduced rear deck volume.

GURU_TOP_VIEWLength 580 cm. Width 50 cm. Weight 17 kg. Price: SEK 18 990.


For more information, contact;

Drottninggatan 180 A
254 33 Helsingborg

Tel: +46 702 598 260




  1. Hej,

    Har det blivit någon ny surfski för dig än? Eller vad lutar det åt nu?


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