Skrivet av: Peter | juni 15, 2009

Surfskis from Think

Talked to Christian Dietz from Bootshaus today. He wanted everyone to know that he’s got the new Think Uno, the Legend, the Evo as well as the new Think Fit in stock, as well as a few ”test-skis” from Think, made in kevlar, with 5% discount.


Price: 22 500 SEK (2 025 EUR) in fiberglass (15.5 kg). 28 400 SEK (2 554 EUR) in kevlar (12.5 kg).

Looking for a new wing paddle?

Christian says that the Jantex Gamma is a great paddle for surfski paddling. gamma

All Jantex paddles costs 3 640 SEK (328 EUR) with a clamp-shaft.

Contact Christian Dietz for more information: 
Tel: +46(0)531-125 40, mob: +46(0)73-030 2992


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