Skrivet av: Peter | juli 23, 2009

The French Ocean-Racing Championships 2009


It is time to prepare for the (11th) French Ocean-Racing Championships!

Long distance ocean racing with sea kayaks and surfskis is really popular in France with thousands of paddlers participating in different races during the season.

This years spectacular race takes place on 27-30 August 2009 in the small village Le Pradet, located in the very south of France (Côte d’Azur).

Le Pradet is a charming coastal resort which stretches out for 7 kilometers along the coast. The championships are held at one of the local beaches, Plage de La Garonne, said to be a paradise for water sports fans.

And while you are visiting this beautiful area of france, you might want to participate in the outrigger canoe race as well… The race is held at Le Mourillon, one of the districts of the harbor city of Toulon.

Official race site (in french)



Of course you are!  Register here 

It is ”easy” to travel to Le Pradet as there are several airports near by; Toulon, Nice or Marseille.

Lodging: Contact the tourist office


  1. Vet du om det är några svenskar som planerar att åka ner?

  2. Hej Erik! Nej, vet inte om det blir några blågula på plats i Frankrike… Hoppas det! Jag är sugen…


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