Skrivet av: Peter | juli 28, 2009

Ningaloo Dreaming

”Ningaloo Dreaming” is an epic story bringing together a variety of watermen taking on the awesome might of the Indian Ocean.

Filmed on and around the World famous Ningaloo Reef using their talents to make the reef the star. Available on DVD at

Cast your mind back a couple of years – back to August 2007 – and Australian paddler Dean Gardiner had an idea. He wanted to return to his native Western Australia, and specifically to Norwegian Bay – half way up the Western Australian coast at Ningaloo reef.

This was where his old man had worked on the whaling boats in the 50’s, and where Dean himself had spent many of his formative years driving fishing boats.

 The idea was to paddle the length of the reef over 12 days – some 40km+ every day – with some of the world’s best paddlers. Paddling from south to north (Carnarvon to Exmouth), they would film it, specifically with the aim of highlighting the plight and beauty of the whales themselves.

The result was a 1 hour television show called ”Ningaloo Dreaming”, and we’ve included a trailer here for your enjoyment.


  1. Great video!


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