Skrivet av: Peter | augusti 21, 2009

Press Release – Aterra

Red7 Surfskis is back! And now to Sweden.


When the new owners of Red7 a few weeks ago announced its new company and showed up the new plant with a filler in cork we on Aterra got interested.

Cork has both price, environmental and weight advantage. It acts as a ”Honeycomb” carpet, cork itself contains 50% air. The cork is grown in Portugal.

Red7 with its Surf 70 Pro ski was before known for its capacity and how fast and how nice the kayak is to paddle. Sheer praise from those who tested the kayak made us curious.

Aterra have now agreed with Red7 of the agency in Scandinavia. Red7 will be sold both directly by Aterra and where we are represented by our dealer network which is built up section by section.

We hope to get home some Red7 skis simultaneously with the Honcho delivery later this autumn.





Carbon/honey comb


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