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Clint Robinson’s thoughts on Epic V12

The Epic V12


By Clint Robinson OAM World and Olympic Champion.

If I could use one word to describe the new Epic V12 surf ski, it would definitely be “reactive”. This ski, especially in downwind conditions, is one exciting beast to ride.

I have now had the opportunity to train and race the ski in flat water, big swell and solid downwind runs; the V12’s ability in all of these different conditions is outstanding.

As paddlers take the time to put the boat through its paces they will really appreciate what it has to offer, and notice a definite refinement from its big brother, the V10.

To understand Epic’s objectives and particulars on the V12 you can read Greg Barton’s report on the new design.

I believe the best way to convey my own thoughts and opinion of the V12 is to create a list of performance characteristics and comparisons:

Epic V12

• The V12 hull is very narrow, sleek and has a well balanced line.

• From the seated paddling position, the visual look over the nose is sharp and refined.

• The paddle entry position to the water is narrow and comfortable.

• It feels and performs like an ICF K1 in still conditions.

• Flat water and surfing speed is slightly enhanced from the V10, which has been highlighted from GPS feedback in my sessions.

• More of the hull runs in the water at high speed than the V10.

• The cockpit is slightly tighter and carries less water than the V10.

• The bailer drain empties incoming water very quickly.

• In big seas, the ski has a terrific top speed and holds the faster ocean swell.

• The V12 has great steering ability when chasing downwind conditions.

• The ski jumps to attention quickly when you apply the power to the water.

• I believe it will excel in the flatter and smaller sloppier conditions that the majority of races are held in.

• The ski also really performs well in big, wild and adventurous conditions.

• The seat shape change is very comfortable.

• When charging downwind, it doesn’t punch through the smaller chop as well as the V10.

• It feels slightly less stable when you first begin paddling the ski, but after a short time this feeling disappears.

In summary, the new Epic V12 surf ski may take most paddlers a little more time to feel comfortable with, but the rewards will come to those who persist. Like with anything at the highest end of performance, it is a greater challenge to find out all that is on offer.



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