Skrivet av: Peter | oktober 2, 2009

Test paddling the Fusion

I had the privilage to do a downwind paddle with Fredrik Lindström and his new ski last weekend. It was howling and we chose to paddle the homestretch on Askrike fjord. One has to congratulate Fredde on his first produktion boat. It looks striking in all black carbon.

It is without doubt the highest quality surfski in the world. It is built in one piece in pre preg in an autoclave giving an insane strong shell. However the boat has a lot of flat surfaces and these became a bit oil canny. It perhaps needs a stringer afterall, and unfortunately they will start serie produktion doing traditional hull and deck bonding.


Fredrik is an ex adventure racer and real gear freak…having said that, he loves his gear to, he just chucked the ski on the ground from the car roof, this will never break he said as he nearly stood on the rear deck… I was impressed, I handle my V10 with silk gloves to not break, dent or sratch it.

We found a little dock after a 5minute hike through the forest with our skis. Fredde chucked his ski into the choppy water and basically just jumped aboard and losing our only waterbottle between us in the process. I scrambled after him. After a 500m paddle straight out of the little bay into the wind we turned left and commenced our downwind…as I turned around I hear a load bang and noticed Fredde swearing… he lost his rudder as he hit a rock. We searched for a short while and continued. The boat is not like a traditional ski, and actually track rather ok even without a rudder. But after 3k’s Fredde gave up. He remembered he had a kick up rudder in the car. We headed for the shore and Fredrik started sprinting through the forest back to the car. I kept warm by hammering back into the wind and playing with the superb small surf in the fjord.

30minutes later we were of again. We hade a great ride, and were stocked by how good conditions sometimes can be in town.

Last few K’s I gave the Fusion a go. It is striking how stable it is. The rudder pedals are great! Just a piece of flexing pre preg carbon. The seat will need a bit more work, as is planned. I had some minor discomforts pushing here and there on my ass. It’s probably not as ultra fast as the Elite’s, V12 etc around but a heck more stable probably rendering the midfield hackers faster in good conditions as they would be in the tippier slicker craft. With the hood on, and the bailer sett on just a little gap, it’s probably the best winter water boat around.

Me being a pure surfski fanatic, liking the over designed volume of the normal skis even for my mostly flat water paddling, and also the beach feeling that comes with it I will stick to a traditional african surfski.

However, for the more schooled paddlers out here in Sweden and other K1 regions I believe this is a very interesting ski.

Wishing Fredrik all of luck with getting them made now and looking forward to see more of them on the water!

paddle hard,paul

Paul Rosenquist


  1. Hei!
    Interessant å se at noen endelig har prøvd Fusion!
    Jeg er en av dem som har meldt min interesse til Fredrik. Bor i Norge og har derfor problemer med å få prøvepadlet båten foreløpig.
    Hvordan er fartspotensialet på flattvann, sml med f eks V10 og V12? Er det foretatt noen samenlignende tester som har et visst vitenskapelig preg (pulsmåling/hastighet) og ikke bare ”jag tycker …”
    Fusion ser rå ut, men det viktigste er tross alt at den fungerer bra! Pedalkonstruksjonen synes interessant, men rorkablenes innfesting i pedalene og føring i cocpit ser ikke gjennomtenkt ut.



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