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Eirik Verås Larsens review of the Nelo Surfski

eirik-topEirik Verås Larsen wrote this on his web site on November 1st;

”I’ve been paddling the Nelo surfski for one month now, haven’t used my Vanquish since I got the surfski. I’ve changed paddle to Gpower Maverick, it’s a super paddle. It’s cold in the water and the air and because of that I’ve only used it on flat water.

In order to go fast at the Dubai Shamaal race in the beginning of December I should practice in rough sea. I’m in a good training group at the moment, the masters +45y…and sometimes some juniors. With my surfski I keep the same speed as these guys and we all get a super session!”


A week ago I sent Eirik an e-mail. I asked him if he could write a few words about his ”Nelo surfski experience”… Here it is, Eirik Verås Larsens review of the Nelo Surfski;

”I’ve been using the Nelo Surfski for over a month now and I think it’s fantastic.

The sitting position is great, this has been one of the biggest problems with other surfskis I’ve tried. Since I’m sitting comfortable it’s easy to focus on propulsion. In the Nelo I can use my legs in the same way as in the racing or touring boat.

The rudder is slightly bend backwards and seaweed or leaves haven’t been any problem at all.

On flat water I can easily do 12-13kph and it doesn’t feel harder than going 12-13kph with my Vanquish III K1. The Vanquish III K1 is definitely faster when speed reaches 14-15kph, but up to 13kph there is not much difference.

For those of you planning on using the Surfski in touring races, I can definitely say that the Nelo Surfski is very fast. On surf the boat is fast, stabil and easy to steer.”

Eirik Verås Larsen

Go to Eirik´s web site


  1. This is the exact seat/steering arrangement we designed together with Peter Ribe and Einar Rasmussen for the Foilkayak! The ergonomics of it was developed by Peter mostly and made in to a perfected digital 3d drawing by Pivot Produktdesign AS in Norway.
    I’m very happy (and already know) it works far better than most other seats.

    But I was a bit surprised when I stumbled over it at Strand Kajakklubb yesterday. On a different boat!

    Kristian Wenstøp
    Pivot Produktdesign AS, Norway


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