Skrivet av: Peter | december 9, 2009

Midwinter Surfski Meet 27 dec Dalarö.

Welcome to the world’s coldest and most northern Surfski Meeting.

Are you curious about Surfski – what it is  – or are you already an inveterate Surfski paddler… Come and test paddle, check out stuff, discuss the future and the past.

Are you a beginner we will help you with the first paddle step. If you want to hang on the downwind paddling bring your surfski,  kayak,  canoe with you.

This happens:

  • Test paddling in calm protected water.
  • Try paddles and check out clothes and stuff.
  • Downwind paddling if we’re lucky.
  • Snack and Lunch

Talk:  How was 2009,  future,  ideas,  trainings,  competition and development.
Location, fair/lunch:  Torsvägen 18,  Dalarö.
Paddling:  Askfatshamnen

Time: 11 – 16

(You dont need to register but we would like to know how many people want snacks and lunch.)


  1. what about a view from below? As the part of the hull below the sheerline is what determines 90% of a kayak’s performance (not counting the paddler, of course).


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