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How much do they train?

On Epic’s home page there is a great article about Team Epic. In the article the team members share their thoughts on the 2009 season, and one of the issues discussed in the article is about the training regime? This is what they answered:

Herman Chalupsky

”I normally train 3 times a week and include a race on the weekend. I also go to the gym 3 times a week for 25 minutes”

Dave Kissane

”I paddle about 5 times a week. These days I do most of my stuff in the ocean and do as many downwind paddles as possible – mainly because it is more fun. The key session for everyone in Sydney is Saturday. All the best paddlers turn up for this one. It is usually run by Dean and is about 25 km. Everyone goes hard and it is pretty much a race simulation. Through winter I only do about 2 or 3 sessions a week and they are on the lake – which is across the road from where I live. For cross training I run and go Stand-Up Paddle Surfing.”

Katie Pocock

”Leading up to Dubai 2009 I was training about 10 times a week – which included two resistance or weight sessions, two cross training sessions and the rest of my time is split between paddling my Epic in the ocean and paddling my K1 on the lake. I find it good to mix it up and train with different people, and for me the best squad to paddle with will always be on the lake in K1s, having said that I also enjoy paddling on my own as well, for me the key is variety; and that means different types of water, different squads and different sessions. I also take racing opportunities all the time, we have a lot of different local races in Auckland and I never miss a chance to line up in these – it doesn’t matter if it is a club surf ski race, a 5km race at Takapuna or a 20km race out of town, if I am not working I will be there. My mileage varies a bit from week to week, but I probably maintain between 80 – 100km depending on how much racing I do.”

Tim Jacobs

 ”My training program changes throughout the year depending on what races are coming up. My main focus is on the big international World Cup races so I try and peak for those. Generally I would paddle only 4 to 5 times a week, but every session is quality and hard, all leading to those big goals. Time on the water is increased before races, either through extra sessions or longer training paddles. All my training is done in rough water on the ski. Ski training is also balanced with a solid weights program which also evolves throughout the year depending on what races are coming up. No matter what though I make sure that I have at least a month or two off paddling each year to recharge the batteries.”

Michele Eray

”I try to paddle 6 days a week, and on 2 of those days I do a double paddle session. Mainly quality, interval sessions, with a few recovery paddles, and a long, endurance session. Gym – lots of core and shoulder stabiliser work (injury prevention), and stretching. Running 3-4 times per week.”

Bevan Manson

”I train every day, paddling most days. I try to fit in as much running, swimming and gym as I can, probably doing about 2 sessions each per week. I try to do downwinds as often as possible…”

Matt Bouman

” I’m probably one of the more organised athletes around as far as training structure goes. I have set programs which allow me to peak twice a year at my chosen events. I send out my weekly training programs to a little squad we have going in Durban and as a result, I’ve usually got a lot of good people joining me every time I train.”

Read the full article and get the answers on these questions:

  •  What was your paddling highlight over the past year?
  • What was your hardest race in 2009?
  • Do you follow any special diet for training or races?
  • What are your plans for 2010?
  • What are your views on the V12?

This article was published on december 27 2009. Click here to get to Epic Kayak’s home page.


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