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Order the Fusion now!

Order the Fusion now!

Finally, Nordic Kayaks are ready to take orders for their stunning surfski – The Fusion.  Here is a short text extract taken from their site describing the masterpiece and the different layup options, prices etc…

Fusion is designed and developed for the colder Nordic water and the weather conditions that are most common here. We wanted to have the benefit of a surfski, where you easily could climb back but also the possibility to be dry when the water temperatures are below ”comfort”.

We started trying different surfskis on the market and came up with some parameters that we wanted to focus on for our Nordic surfski:

  • High stability/speed ratio
  • A positive seating position, meaning more forward leaned
  • Sea worthy for our Nordic conditions (2 meter West coast waves)
  • Less rocker, better tracking ability
  • Lower front (less top volume), less exposed in windy conditions
  • Possibility to use hood/top to sit dry in the cockpit
  • Lower cockpit rails, easy to remount
  • A draining system that could be closed and minimize the turbulence
  • A solid foot plate that allows good leg drive
  • Some storage compartments for light packing
  • Easy to switch between ocean rudder and kick up type rudder

The foot plate and steering system is something we have been testing a lot and we believe we have come up with an innovative new design! The hole foot plate is in one piece with the pedals/steering section made in a thinner carbon laminate allowing them to flex,  just so much you need to get full steering potential. Well fitted you can push hard with your legs without any unnecessary steering, the pedals will keep straight when not touching them, making it easy to hold the tracking.

Layup options for Fusion

Depending on how you going to use your ski, you can chose between three layups. Note: all options are in 100% prepreg carbon, the layups give you variations in sensibility, stiffness, durability and weight.

Prepreg carbon layers with the right mix of weave and unidirected fibers to achieve great overall stiffness but also point flexibility with minimal carbon without any core material. This layup is extremely strong and is the perfect choice if you handle your kayak a little bit rougher and want to have the possibility to land rocky beaches. Weight 13 kg.
Price: 34 850 SEK

Unidirected prepreg carbon layers in right directions to achieve stiffness at the right places with minimal weight. Core material of divinycell makes it possible to use less carbon and still get an extremely stiff hull that does not flex a millimeter. This is a solid and strong construction made for punching through big waves but should be handled with care and not hit hard sharp objects. Weight 10 kg or less.
Price: 39 500 SEK

Mixed layup of Elite at the deck and Performance at the hull to save some weight but still have a super strong hull. Weight 12 kg.
Price: 37 500 SEK

Standard components:

  • Adjustable one piece foot pedal plate with foot straps
  • Ocean rudder medium
  • Self bailer that could be closed and opened
  • Pack cord behind cockpit
  • One light hatch in the cockpit

Extra components:

  • Light hatch at front deck 10 cm wide, price 350 SEK including mounting
  • Light hatch at back deck 15 cm wide, price 400 SEK included mounting
  • Soft top short, over the feet’s, mounted with Velcro tape, price 750 SEK
  • Soft top long, round hole cockpit, mounted with Velcro tape, price 1500 SEK
  • Smart Track kick up rudder, 1450 SEK included mounting
  • Splash hood in prepreged carbon, 1500 SEK (under construction)

We hope you will find our Fusion interesting, we believe it is a great boat with some smart and innovated solutions that will make you a better and safer kayaker!

Contact us

Fredrik Lindström: Construction and sales
Phone: +46(0)739731235

Peter Bringby: Business and sales
Phone: +46(0)708505209



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