Skrivet av: Peter | januari 25, 2010

Midwinter Surfski Meet

Got an email from Leif Davidsson, enthusiastic surfski paddler and owner of Aterra – the Swedish Honcho & Red7 dealer. Read his story…

Happy surfskiers! 

The 23 of January we arranged the second of our Midwinter Surfski Meet. Again wonderful winter weather, cold but sunny and a little wind so the paddlers could try skis in some small waves. Most of the participants had never paddled surfski and everybody had big smiles on their faces.

We started with some surfski info and a really hot pot-au-feu. After that, the water nearly boiled of all the paddlers, it was really high tempo and I had to work hard to take photos and adjusting skis for different leg length. With nearly two hours of paddling we went up to a hot sauna and had some nice surfski chat.

Winter paddling in a surfski might see a little odd for people in ZA and other warmer countries, but with the Midwinter events I not only want to promote my brands, I want also proof that winter paddling is not a problem in a surfski. Sometimes it can be a bit cold on your toes when it gets down to 6-8 Celsius below zero. I paddle two three days a week in these conditions, and for the one who is curious I have a dry suite, on my feet I have one pair of wollsocks, on the legs I have one layer of a lycra pant and on the body I wear two layers and over that a thin fiber layer.

You find more photos here


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