Skrivet av: Peter | maj 5, 2010 – Race locally, compete globally!

Race locally – compete globally, on


Net Racing relies on sportmanship. It is a one man challenge where you race locally (by yourself) and compete globally. The goal is to stimulate training and preparations at home. We will not require you to proof your race result.

Boat to use
You may use what ever one man human powered kayak you want. May it be a surf ski, a sea kayak, ICF racer or anything else. The choice is up to you. Only one kayak is allowed per start. I.e. you must finish each race with the kayak you started the race.

Setting up your short- and long race course
Racing the short and long distances requires some planning. The race course shall be set up so that wind, current etc does not provide advantages.  It´s easy for the short distances but might be kind of tricky for the long distances. Use common sense. Preferably, measure the distance using a GPS. Short distances: 1km, 5km, 10km. Long distances: 25km, 100km and 24hrs.

Setting up your down wind course
All you have to do is find yourself a pretty spot. Go out in what ever down wind conditions you can handle. The more wind and waves the funnier and faster. Preferably, measure the distance using a GPS. Down wind distances: 5km, 10km and 25km.

You do the race reporting administration. Go to and login. Then choose Add a Net Race in the Net Race menu. Fill in the blanks and you´re done. If you haven´t signed up yet, do so. Otherwise you won´t be able to register your races.

Registration form
Signing up to the is a really really easy thing to do. Just follow the link below. Fill out the registration form and you are ready to go. Be ware, there´s no strings attached just fun! Make sure you fill out what country you live in. We need that to present the Net Race scoreboards.

To the registration form >>

Contact and about us is the site for paddlers.
Our mail is: or
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