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Nordic Kayaks Fusion – First impressions

(The following article is written by Leif Jägerbrand, who runs

Nordic Kayaks Fusion – First impressions

My bio: I’m a dedicated sea kayaker, and one month ago I had never sat in a kayak that was narrower than 57 centimeters. Surfskis seemed like good fun and when I  saw that Peter on Globalsurfski was going to host a surfski camp here in Sweden I seized the opportunity and went there. After that weekend I was able to paddle a Epic V12 / V10L in flat conditions, but i couldn’t be completely relaxed. It is from this point of view that the review of the Nordic Kayaks Fusion is written.

How on earth can it be so stable, I feel completely relaxed in this one!” was my very first thought when i took the first strokes in the Fusion ski. Being the same width as the Epic V10 i figured that it should be roughly the same stability (or in my case: unstability), but boy was i wrong… In the Fusion I was able to sit completely relaxed, use proper technique and rotate in the seat. How the designer Björn Thomasson has managed to create a ski that is that stable is quite amazing given the narrowness of the ski.

Last weekend was quite windy here, about 10-12 m/s but with fairly small waves (50-70 centimeters). Being an optimistic person I figured I’d give it a try but was prepared to swim more than paddle… To my surprise I managed to paddle (fairly relaxed) for a full hour in those conditions without falling in even once. Catching and riding the waves was a piece of cake even for a surfski novice like me – I loved it!

Remounting the ski is very easy, way easier than the V12.

How about comfort then? The Epic V12 is is extremely comfortable for me. I’d like to have one in my living room in front of the TV, that’s how comfortable I find the V12. The Fusion also fits me very well, better than anything else that I’ve tried, apart from the V12. To really try the comfort in the Fusion I used it for the Malmoe 24 Hour Kayak Challange, without any padding in the seat. At the end of the competition I think I was the only participant that didn’t complain about a sore butt, numbness in the legs or similar, so indeed the comfort is very good in the Fusion.

If you like to bring some gear with you in your ski then you’ll love the fact that the Fusion comes with three hatches. Since there are no stringers inside you can use the full volume for packing. According to the designer it’s no problem to bring 15 kilos of gear in the ski if you weigth around 85 kilos. You can also order the ski with a rear mounted retractable SmartTrack rudder.

My initial conclusion is: The Nordic Kayaks Fusion is a ski that should compell extremely well to all those paddlers that love surfskis or seakayaking, but are not yet ready to handle the Epic V10/V12, Red7 Pro 70 or similar skis in all conditions.

Leif Jägerbrand


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