Skrivet av: Peter | maj 10, 2010

The EOS 660 is here!

The EOS 660 is here!

If you visit  you can read about the EOS 660, one of our most exciting skis to paddle, researched and CAD designed, boasting to be the most stable in its class and the fastest”. They also have a few pictures of the ski on their site…

First impressions

”On our first paddle it was stable as, it does not need to be paddled hard to be fast, cruzing speed is great with little effort, and top speed is awesome. Turning? The EOS responds so quick, with a rounded off rear and more volume it allows the back of the ski to come around and not stick in the water, Chasing runners you can track across the face of a wave and it has the capability to change direction and turn back down the wave with ease. The Ventuies are off the Red 7 and suck like no tomorrow no need to say more. Foot-plate is the easiest to adjust and very stiff with next to no flex.”


Manufacturer: EOS 660
Length:  6.6 m
Width:  430 mm
Weight: 11kg – 15kg


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