Skrivet av: Peter | maj 12, 2010

A ski with a backrest? Really?

The Finn Molokai

It’s time for the annual Molokai race, the greatest ocean race in the world…  And to celebrate this stunning event I hereby present to you – The Finn Molokai!

The Finn Molokai was launched last year, and this rather odd plastic ski has some unique features that make it stand out a bit.

Just look at the (optional) backrest. ..

And it has a kick up rudder…

The Finn Molokai was actually the first ”plastic” over the line at the 2009 Avon Descent (a unique sporting event in Australia that attracts competitors and spectators from throughout Australia and overseas. Competitors challenge the Avon and Swan rivers in a variety of paddle and power craft in an exciting two-day time trial over 134 gruelling kilometres.)

But who wants a backrest? ehh…



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