Skrivet av: Peter | maj 14, 2010

Barry Lewin – Truly good at heart

I have been following Barry Lewin’s daily reports on his blog from the cancer fund raising expedition, and I just want everybody to know that I really respect and admire Barry & his jet ski team for doing this…

From now on Barry, you are not only one of the Worlds best surfski paddlers, you are also truly good at heart.

Jetski crew makes history with completion of fundraising and awareness journey

On 21 of April, six adventurers on jet ski’s travelled over 2800 km’s of South African coastline in order to increase awareness and raise funds for CANSA as part of the Coast2Coast4CANSA (C2C4C) campaign.

22 days later, on May 12, the crew made history when they reached the mouth of the Orange River, the border between South Africa and Namibia. A impressive expedition where they all were riding up to 350km on jet ski’s each day.

Barry Lewin, one of the Worlds leading open water surfski paddlers, said
“there were so many elements and aspects of the campaign which had to come together in order for it to be as successful as it has been. It was extremely challenging climbing onto our jet ski’s at sunrise every morning whilst still aching from the seven or eight hour ride from the previous day, but that was only part of what the C2C4C was all about. We would not be standing on the beach here at Alexander Bay, with the Namibian shoreline in the background, if it we not for our sponsors, support crew, friends and family, and everyone else who made a contribution to the mission”.

The leader of the expedition, Russel Symcox said
“the team and I are a little blown away to be honest! After almost two years of planning and preparation, it is such a surreal feeling to have finally reached the end, and I do not think it has had time to sink in yet”.

Symcox also said that
“we have had such a phenomenal response from each and every community we have spent time with, it has made a difficult trip a little easier knowing that we have the backing of so many caring South Africans, and their support will also go a long way in helping us achieve our awareness and fundraising objectives”.

(The jet ski team also included surfer Jason Ribbink, ex-Protea cricketer Lance Klusener and cancer survivor Bennie Benson.)

To access more information about the campaign, including photo’s etc, or to make a donation to CANSA, log on to the official website at


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