Skrivet av: Peter | maj 26, 2010

Sea Vortex from SIPRE

The Sea Vortex is a new ocean racing ski from SPIRE with a rather odd and radical design. The ski was first seen at the EuroChallenge race in Spain. I think that the nose of the ski looks a little bit like the prototype ski from Point65…


  1. Sipre have used that ”inverted” nose before on the Tsunami K1 and K2.

  2. Yes, I am familiar with that… Tommy K said that the hull was rather soft and felt almost plastic. It is a strange looking ski, I would really like to give one a try…

  3. We had the privilege of test this surfski … is very fast, very comfy and strong… allows quick turns, with a position of rowing which I like very much.
    This new angle and shape of the hull allow waves climb easy… and with a great and revolutionary design, cutting with the lines of the other current surfski’s…
    overall a job well done, Congratulations Sipre!!!!


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