Skrivet av: Peter | maj 31, 2010

New LD ski from Allwave

Allwave ski from Italy has unveiled a new long distance surfski at the Giglio race a few weeks back. It is certainly a huge step ahead of their first creation.

It will be manufactured either in full Carbon (11kg) or in Glassfibre (14 kg).

Allwave say they still want to improve the footplate since it is not rigid enough.

The ski has quite a lot of rocker, there are chines on the bottom and a big flatish section under the paddler. It narrows considerably at the catch area and the bow is quite bulbous above the waterline.

Mario Graziano tried the ski in some rough conditions he says that it seemed very stable and it catched the waves pretty well. Mario found it very comfortable and his early thoughts about it having too much rocker seem unfounded.


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