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Global Surfski Clinics with Oscar Chalupsky

Watch out Sweden, Big O comes to Seamasters in July!

Come along to Oscar’s Paddle Clinic and learn from a World Champion how to develop your technique and improve your performance.

Living surfski legend Oscar Chalupsky, 11 time Molokai Champion and father of modern surfski racing comes to paddle the Seamasters.

Now you have the unique opportunity to attend one of Oscars famous surfski clinics the days before the race. 

Meeting Oscar is a real adventure and will surely boost your paddling technique as well as your feeling for surfski paddling.

The clinics are arranged by Global Surfski in cooperation with Nomado Kayaks.

Program – Oscar Chalupsky Clinics

28 July – Advanced Clinic (10am – 5pm)

This is what surfski paddling is all about…

  • Ocean Racing clinic
  • Location: Stockholm archipelago
  • Ocean paddling & ”after ski” BBQ
  • Price: 125 Euro (1250 kr)

29 July – Advanced Clinic (2pm – 5pm)

This clinic will improve your paddling

  • Surfski Paddling Technique
  • Location: Stockholm city
  • Price: 60 Euro (600 kr)
  • (Price 40 euro (400 kr) for Epic ski owners)

30 July – Beginner Clinic (10am – noon)

An exellent way to kick start your paddling career…

  • Surfski- & Paddling technique
  • Location: Arkösund
  • Price: 60 Euro (600 kr)
  • (Price 40 euro (400 kr) for Epic ski owners)

30 July – Advanced Clinic (6pm – 8pm)

  • Location: Arkösund
  • Price: 30 Euro (300 kr)
  • (Price 20 euro (200 kr) for Epic ski owners)


Reservations are required and must be made for all of the clinics Click here to book your place.  We are interested in quality, not quantity, therefore space in our clinics are limited.


  1. Anmäler mig till 30 july – beginner.



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