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Seamasters open for entries now!

SEAMASTERS & Swedish Surfski Championships

30-31 July 2010 – Arkösund/Oxelösund, Sweden

Program of Events & Entry Fees

  • Friday 30 July – SUP, Stand Up Paddle Race, 100 Skr/10€
  • Friday 30 July – Epic v12 Surfski Sprint Race, 100 Skr/10€
  • Saturday 31 July – Seamasters Ocean Race, 350 Skr/35€

Registration Form

To register,  fill out this form and return to me. All payment on arrival.

All Fields below are mandatory.

  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd):
  • Gender (Male or Female):
  • Nationality:
  • Club:
  • E-mail:
  • Category (Surfski, Sea kayak or OC):
  • I will race the Seamasters (Yes, No):
  • I will race the Epic v12 Surfski Sprint Race (Yes, No):
  • I will race the SUP, Stand Up Paddle Race (Yes, No):
  • If you race in a team boat please note the other crew members names:

Accomodations, Boat Rentals, Race related questions etc…

Please contact me, Peter Ekström, at with registration questions, assistance with accommodations, boat rentals (we have a limited number of skis, first registered- first served), or your visit to Sweden.

More race info on



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