Skrivet av: Peter | juli 22, 2010

Surfski Clinics at Seamasters

The days before Seamasters we will run a couple of unique surfski clinics with Oscar Chalupsky. Don’t miss this! Improve your skills and learn ocean racing & paddling technique from one of the best instructors – Oscar Chalupsky, 11 time Molokai winner.

Sign up now!

29 July, Advanced Clinic (09-19)

”Ocean racing” – Gryt Archipelago.
Full day ocean paddling. We will travel to the best spot and do a nice run in open seas while learning and practice technique.

We meet in Norrköping and travel together to the starting point somewhere along the coast. Bring something to have for lunch, a T-shirt and shorts for the resturang where we will have dinner before going back to Norrköping. Store your gear in a small watertight bag and take it with you on your ski.

Price: 800 Skr, 80 €

30 July, Beginner Clinic (10-12)

”Learn Surfski & Paddling Technique” – Arkösund.
Excellent way to kick start your paddling career.

Price: 600 Skr, 60 € including boat hire.

30 July, Advanced Clinic (15-18)

”Ocean racing” – Arkösund.
Tips and tricks for surfski racing.

Price: 300 Skr, 30€ (200 Skr, 20€ for Epic ski owners)

Send me an email asap and let me know what clinic/s you want to sign up for.


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