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Introducing the Epic V8

The following text & pictures comes from Boyan at Epic Europe, 

Introducing the Epic V8 Surfski

Epic V8



 At Epic, our primary goal is to turn people on to the true potential of kayaking as a sport. We want our boats and paddles to inspire paddlers, to entice them to explore and expand the boundaries of their abilities. To find out what the world’s waterways fully have on offer.

Our philosophy steers our designs not to what was, but to what will be. Lightweight, efficiency, speed and comfort; by strictly adhering to these principles, even when tradition may dictate otherwise, we have molded our sea kayaks and surfskis into record breaking, world championship winning, and even market changing products.

 Is it a quest? Yes it is! We are determined to see a new generation of paddlers, one that views kayaking as a means to a fit and healthy lifestyle; uninterested in any preconceived notions about the proper appearance and use of their kayak. Paddlers who are looking for an added element of adventure when they head out on the water.

It is in this mold that we proudly introduce the latest product from Epic Kayaks: The V8 Surfski!

The newest addition to our family of surfskis is without a doubt our most user friendly ski yet. And that’s the point! We didn’t design this one to win Molokai’s; the V8 is the ski that makes fitness paddling, racing and bare-bones cruising more accessible and enjoyable to paddlers across the full spectrum of background and ability.

With a hull design featuring specs of 18’ x 22”, the V8 is unique in its class. Fast, yet extremely stable, this is a surfski that most kayakers should be able to hop right onto and paddle off. The deck features all the surfski simplicity of the V10 and V12, the main components being a fully adjustable footbrace and rear deck bungees. The V8 also incorporates some new features that add to its user friendly appeal: molded in bow & stern carry handles, and a water bottle holder in the cockpit. Venturi drain, drain plug and Epic surfski rudder configurations are standard.

Our goal with the V8 is to provide a boat that bridges the gap between sea kayaks and surfskis. By blending speed, high stability and a performance oriented deck & outfitting, the V8 offers new levels of accessibility and opportunity. Fitness paddlers and racers who want extra emphasis on stability, touring kayakers looking to make the transition to high performance surfskis, or cruisers looking for a simple, efficient boat for a day on the water. The V8 will take you there.

 Note from Greg & Oscar:

 “We wanted to design a fast, stable boat that truly makes surf ski paddling more accessible to paddlers of all abilities. Unlike most skis, which require a longer learning curve to master the stability requirements of a narrow tippy boat, the V8 allows new surf ski paddlers to jump on and go quickly. The extra stability and open cockpit are also great safety features for new ski paddlers – easy remounts and a self draining cockpit. No Eskimo rolling or bilge pumps! With the V8, you’ll be able to move into a variety of conditions sooner and with more confidence – experiencing the thrill of true downwind paddling and surfing.” – Greg Barton & Oscar Chalupsky

 Features of the Epic V8 Surfski:

  •  18 feet long and 22 inches wide
  • Standard Epic surfski rudder configurations
  • Venturi drain
  • Standard Epic surfski deck; including fully adjustable footbrace, deck bungees, drain plug and deck cutaways at the paddle entry for a close, efficient stroke
  • New molded in bow & stern carry handles
  • New molded in water bottle holder in the cockpit
  • Available in Epic Performance & Club construction options only
  • Extremely stable re-entry: no Eskimo roll necessary! Just hop on and go!


Length: 5.49 m
Width: 55.9 cm
Depth: 28.6 cm
Capacity: 145 kg


V8 Value. 17 kg

  • Fiberglass on a core mat
  • Vacuum bagged with polyester resin
  • Blue seam line

V8 Sport Performance, 15 kg

  • Infusion grade foam core
  • Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar
  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
  • Black seam line

If you live in Sweden and want to order a Epic V8, contact Erik Wallgren at Nomado Kayak.


  1. Kul att den äntligen visade sig. Har sett ett bra tag att någon sökt på ”Epic V8 surfski”…

    En V8:a borde ju vara klart miljövänligare än en V12:a så den ligger i tiden på alla sätt 😉

  2. Epic writes: With a hull design featuring specs of 18’ x 22”, the V8 is unique in its class.

    It’s nice to see that Epic has made a surfski for ”normal” people but it´s hardly unique. XP18 Spyder from Point65 has the same measurements.

  3. Magnus de Bristo writes:
    It is nice to see that Epic has made a surfski for ”normal” people but it is hardly unique. 18XP Spyder from Point 65 has the same measurements.

    Boyan: It is nice to see that we think alike. XP18 is a great idea. Measurements may be similar but please note that XP18 Spyder is rated as a sea kayak in Point 65 site and also with 25 kg before hatches and rudder were installed (+/-3 kg) or total 28-29 kg. V8 is 16 – 19 kg in fiberglass construction depending on resin type – epoxy or polyester. Those 10 kg difference definitely make V8 unique and I believe more user friendly. Keep well guys! will see you at the events in Sweden after the freeze 🙂


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