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For Sale EPIC V10 Performance Nu säljer jag min V10. Det är en -08 och det betyder att den är byggd hos Flying Eagle som är Epics förra tillverkare. Dom är kända för sin kvalitet, och jag måste säga, efter många år i branschen,  att byggkvaliten på detta ex är fenomenalt. Därför ser den fortfarande nästan som ny ut, trots att det är den surfski i Sverige som har högst antal Downwind Kilometers.

Surfroder och Bakåtlutad roder (sensommar/sjögräs) ingår.

Pris 19.500 SEK

RING: 0702885036, eller skicka ett MAIL: paul.rosenquist(@)


Maxpaddles from -09,  superb wing blades, M3 and M333 with adjustable shafts, full carbon. Small blades, M3 like Epic midwing Small. Price 2 500 SEK including a paddle bag.
Ursuit drysuit, demo ex of AWS black in size XL- 180-190 cm. Perfect choice for kayaking in cold water. Price 5 000 SEK.


  1. Hello ,
    Now I would be glad if you could make a note on your website for the following event:
    I spoke to the organistion team and I am pleased that they are willing to arrange a Surfski race at the event. For 2010 it will probably be a 12km course. If we do have enough Surfski competitiors a 25km course is possible as well…
    The course is held at the mouth of the river Weser. Their can be some challenging conditons due to the strong current and the mostly easterly wind. So feel free to participate and let us try to help for a growing community of Surfski racers.
    Another event which is no race but open to Surfskis as well is the well known “Weser Tidenrally” (see: it is 34km upstream with the strong tide helping. A nice event with a nice view. here you can’t win but have a lot of fun with about 300 other paddlers.

    Thanks in advance
    Simon Augustin

  2. WANTED: Fenn Elite or Mako6, preferably carbon but will consider glass. Preferably Nordic region/ Germany. Will be used in Finland.

  3. I have Mako6 carbon for sale. Nice shape, transport can be organised.



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