Surfski Races 2010

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Surfski Races 2010 – Europe

April Event Distance Location Link
17 Tullipaddle Challenge 25 km Holland Link
24-25 Rund um Scharfenberg 16,5 km Berlin, Germany Link
01 EuroChallenge 2010 25 km Alicante, Spain Link
8-9 Metropolitan-Mediterranean-Cup 10/21 km Frankfurt am Main, Germany Link
15 Weser-Tidenrallye 33/44 km Bremen, Germany Link
19 – 22 Allwave Cup Giglio Island 6/21 km Giglio, Italy Link
04 Papa Joe’s Long Distance Surf Ski Race 3,8 km Switzerland Link
06 Weymouth to Lulworth Cove 15 km England Link
18-20 Hawaiian Sports Festival 15/25 km Rerik, Germany Link
19 Bodensee Kanu Marathon 21/42 km Bodensee, Switzerland Link
25-27 Hiddensee Marathon 70 km Hiddensee, Germany Link
31 Seamasters & Swedish Surfski Champs 25 km Arkösund, Sweden Link
01 Geiseltalpassage 7/21 km Mücheln, Germany  
27-28 Nelo Summer Challenge 800m/10km Vila do Conde, Portugal Link
27-29 French Champs 21 km Tourlaville, France Link
28-29 OC 47 Outrigger Challenge 10/25 km Bremerhaven, Germay Link
4-5 Race of Champions 25 km Portimao, Portugal Link
25-26 Ohana Mana Cup   Villasimius – Sardinien  


Surfski Races 2010 – Overseas

March Event Distance Location Link
27-28 Trinidad North Coast Challenge‏   Trinidad Link
10 Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi  
16 Molokai Challenge 52,2 km Hawaii Link
23-29 Mauritius Ocean Classic 15/28 km Mauritius Link
14 NY Mayors Cup 45 km New York, USA Link
21 US Surfski Champs   California, USA Link
11 Maraamu SS   Tahiti Link
25 Caribbean Mini Tour   Caribbean  
21  The Dragon Run 24 km Hong Kong Link
02 Dubai Shamaal 20 km Dubai Link
18 Fenn Cape Point Challenge 49 km Cape Town, South Africa  


  1. Just dropping by.Btw, your website have great content!

  2. French Surfski Championships
    28-30 August
    Le Pradet, France

    For more information visit de website

    Greetings Didier Vdf

  3. Great website. I hope my good friend Ove in Stockholm can find this site. When he was last in the U.S. he paddled surfski with me and had a blast. Sweden could be a powerhouse surfski group on the world scene.

  4. Hi,
    I’ve been paddling marathons for over 20 years now, recently I’ve been thinking about getting a surf-ski. I am now living in east Jutland in Denmark and I really fancy getting out on the sea.
    Can you tell me if there are any races coming up in 2010 that will be easy to get to? Is there a calender that would cover surf ski in Northern Europe?
    Yours in sport
    Dave Francis

  5. Hi David,
    there are two big European races to attend in May 2010. Surfski EuroChallenge on 1st of May. The race is in La Villa Joyosa outside Alicante, and the other race is om 8th of May in Portimao in Portugal. That race is called ” The race of champions”. Good luck! /Peter

  6. Hi David. Check out this race in Germany in June 2010.
    Regards. Jürgen

  7. Thanks Jürgen,

    That’s a bit easier to get to!!…Any licences / permits required to race…or do you just turn up on the day?


  8. Hi David. Sorry about the late reply. No licences, etc as far as I know of. You can contact me under if you want to. I can then keep you posted about events in Northern Europe if you like.

  9. hi,
    i am so happy to look my race in your calendar 2010.
    The name of the race is Ohana Mana Cup and it is a 20 km surfski and outrigger.
    last edition we had paddlers from Asia, Europe and Africa.
    We hope the meet you too for engioy and paddler in a great sea.
    For more info please visit

  10. The Ohana Mana cup is in Villasimius – Sardinia – Italy.
    Thanks so much to all
    Guido Calì

  11. hi swedish paddlers!
    the french championships will be held in Tourlaville (Cherbourg area,Normandy) and not at Le Pradet where they were held last year.

  12. Hey guys,

    do not forget to mention the Sea Challenge Fyn, one of the most demanding sea kayak and surfski races in the world! 300 km in 7 days around Fyn island. The longest stage is 80 km.

    Last year was won by a Kayakpro Vampire followed by an Epic V10.

    They have a very nice website, also in English:

    Best regards, Arnim


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