Skrivet av: Peter | januari 6, 2009

The first Valhalla Surfski – built in 1983


                                                                                                                                                                Photo Glen Horne

I got an email from Keith Keillor, the founder of Valhalla Surf Skis in San Diego. He told me the story about this awsome photo with the yellow Valhalla ski on the beautiful blue wave…

This is actually the 1st surfski built by Keith Keillor, back in 1983. 26 years ago! It was designed for Life Guard races but it was way over built. Keith didn’t know much about the process at the time and had the first one done with chopper gun – the glass man took short cuts, and they ended up with a heavy ski!

Keith already had a Hayden Mark 3 and a C-ski, but the heavy Valhalla ski turned out to be much faster than the other skis, and it would turn on a dime. 

Keith Keillor is renowned in the surfski & paddling comunity as a builder, coach and racer. At age of 69 he continues to compete and win races in his age group. In his prime Keith won many races overall on his Valhalla surfskis. 



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